Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures

Limited Warranty

Sims Cab Depot warrants to the original purchaser (the "Claimant"), that Sims Cab Depot products will be free from defective materials or workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of (1) full year (or 500 hours, whichever is less) from the original invoice date. Warranties are non-transferable to subsequent buyers.

Sims Cab Depot's liability under this Limited Warranty is limited to the repair or (at the discretion of Sims Cab Depot) the replacement of those components of its products, which were manufactured by Sims Cab Depot that are defective in materials or workmanship. Sims Cab Depot shall have no liability under this Limited Warranty unless Sims Cab Depot is notified of the defect during the stated Warranty Period.

Warranty claims will only be considered for customer accounts that are in good standing with no past due amounts owing.

Please note that not all original equipment platforms (floors, cowls, fenders, etc.) are originally designed to support the additional weight of an after-market cab or enclosure under all operating conditions. Sims Cab Depot strives to address known equipment shortcomings at the time the cab product is designed. However, the customer is responsible for ensuring that adequate structural reinforcement of both the original equipment platform and cab is completed, where the actual or intended use of the original equipment and cab warrants such reinforcement, to ensure the functionality and durability of both the original equipment and the after-market products supplied by Sims Cab Depot are maintained for the intended life of both products. Sims Cab Depot will not be responsible for any damage to original equipment components to which our products are attached to or affected by, nor will Sims Cab Depot warrant damage to our products caused by a failure to ensure adequate structural reinforcement is completed in those circumstances requiring such reinforcement.

All returns require a Returned Material Authorization Number (RMA#). Warranty claims must be submitted to Sims Cab Depot at 1-613-534-2230 or 1-800-225-7290 prior to written authorization. All warranty work not pre-authorized by Sims Cab Depot will not be covered by this warranty agreement. Claimant must arrange shipping of the returned and repaired or replaced product or component from Sims Cab Depot plant in Long Sault, Ontario at the Claimant's own risk and expense. Sims Cab Depot must receive all returns within (30) days of issuance of a RMA#.

Limitations and Exclusions: Sims Cab Depot has no responsibility to a Claimant under this Limited Warranty or on any other basis for any of the following:

  1. defects caused, in whole or in part, by accident or misuse, negligence or failure to maintain the product or component ;
  2. products or components sold to a customer on an "as is" basis;
  3. wiper blades, light bulbs, fuses, clear vinyl or other consumables;
  4. glass where the point of failure has not been preserved intact and delivered to Sims Cab Depot for analysis of the cause of the failure;
  5. products or components which have been modified after shipping from Sims Cab Depot to its customer, including the unsealing, opening or tampering of any part of wiper motors, heater boxes, A/C components, or other sealed electrical components unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by Sims Cab Depot.
  6. transportation charges for returned, repaired or replacement items;
  7. defects that are subject of an Sims Cab Depot initiated recall where the Claimant fails to comply with the terms of the recall notice that comes to the attention of the Claimant;
  8. components of Sims Cab Depot products that are manufactured by third parties (Sims Cab Depot's only obligation in relation to such components shall be to accord to the Claimant the benefit of any transferable warranty accorded to Sims Cab Depot by third party manufacturer);
  9. defects in workmanship or materials in products or components that are repaired or replaced by Sims Cab Depot unless Sims Cab Depot is notified of the new defect within the Warranty Period that applied to the original product or component that has been repaired or replaced;
  10. defects that result, in whole or in part, from inadequate engineering or specifications provided to Sims Cab Depot by its customer;
  11. any actual or alleged deficiency in technical or engineering services or advice provided by Sims Cab Depot to its customer whether provided for valuable consideration or otherwise;
  12. consequential damages, or any other damages whether foreseeable or not, resulting from the defect or any delay in remedying the defect; and
  13. any breach or alleged breach of any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose of use;
  14. defects or part failure due to misuse or failure to follow recommended (oral or written) cab installation procedures;
  15. damage, interference with, or impaired operation of other vehicle components, equipment or attachments, whether the Sims Cab Depot product is stated as being compatible with those other related equipment aspects or not;
  16. travel expenses, including mileage.
This Limited Warranty expresses the entire obligation of Sims Cab Depot, its officers, directors, agents and employees, to its customer or any Claimant in respect of any defect in workmanship, or materials of any product or component sold or manufactured by Sims Cab Depot whether on grounds of breach of contract, negligence or other tortuous liability, breach of express or implied warranty or other basis in law of any jurisdiction.

Acceptance by a customer of delivery of products of Sims Cab Depot, constitutes acceptance of this Limited Warranty in lieu of all other warranties express or implied including without limitation all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose or use and constitutes acceptance by customer of the exclusions and limitations of the liability of Sims Cab Depot set out above.

Credit for authorized returns or warranty will be subject to our Refund Policy. Sims Cab Depot reserves the right to offset and apply any authorized credit amounts against any charges outstanding including service charges.

*Where applicable, labour rates that are to be applied to warranty claims are determined at the sole discretion of Sims Cab Depot management.
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