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Air Conditioning
  1. Does the Sims Engine Compressor Driven Air Conditioning system work on all Sims cabs?

    No, the Sims Engine Compressor Driven air conditioning system requires a minimum of 30-35 HP and 35 Amps. Sufficient space must also exist to mount the compressor in the engine compartment.

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  2. Does the Sims Engine Compressor Driven Air Conditioning system work on non Sims cabs?

    Yes, the Sims Engine Compressor Driven air conditioning system will work on non Sims cabs, provided the physical and performance requirements are met. See the Product Flyer or A/C Service Manual for specific requirements.

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  3. Does the Sims Engine Compressor Driven Air Conditioning system work with existing tractor vents?

    No, the Sims Engine Compressor Driven air conditioning system utilizes its own ventilation system.

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Equipment Problems
  1. My wiper motor does not work or turn.

    If your wiper motor does not work or turn test it with a battery charger before removing it from the cab. Check the ground connections, including the grounding of the cab to the chassis. This could save a lot of time rather than sending it back as a faulty part.

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  2. My heater is not warming up, what's wrong?

    The most common cause is forgetting to remove black rubber plugs from the heater core tubing. These are in place to prevent debris from entering the heater core during storage and transportation.

    Another possible cause of this problem is an "air lock". Try to bleed the air out of the lines.

    Another possible cause is a pinched hose. Trace all the hoses to ensure this is not occurring.

    Another possible cause is that the hose splice is on the wrong side of the water pump. This problem dissipates once the thermostat has opened. Due to how the cooling system is configured on some engines, this problem can be easily remedied or not - refer to the standard heater hook-up diagram in the following link.

    Lastly, ensure the engine has come up to temperature.

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  3. The heater does not blow heat, what's wrong?

    Make sure that the fan is attached to the motor, the wiring is proper, and the fuse is good (20 Amps). Proper wiring procedures include connecting the power to the "B" terminal of the switch, connecting the orange wire to the "H" terminal, and connecting the red wire to the "L" terminal (with the body grounded).

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  4. The heater is leaking, what's wrong?

    Check to ensure that all of the clamps and fittings are securely fastened. If leaking continues, the core may be damaged, which is covered by a one-year warranty.

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  5. My wiper arm/blade doesn't fit

    Many of the wiper arms are adjustable.

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  1. What are the installation times for Sims Cabs?

    Sims cabs require varying times to install on different vehicles depending on the style of the cab, the installer's experience, and the amount of equipment that you have. Please refer to the following file for some installation times.

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  2. Velcro - How do I get PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backed Velcro to stick to my tractor or cab surface?

    A) Clean painted metal surfaces with Mineral Spirits (Brand name product), or use a paint thinner - DO NOT USE GASOLINE. (Gasoline will leave an undesirable film on the surface.) Clean plastic surfaces with an acetone based cleaner
    B) Surfaces must be at ROOM TEMPERATURE for at least 24 hours before applying the PSA backed Velcro.
    C) Ensure the surface is dry.

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  3. Will the Alpine Cab fit my tractor?

    The Alpine cab will require some fitting to adapt this universal style enclosure to any given tractor. Please refer to the link below for more information on providing your tractor's dimensional data to us and determining the suitability of this enclosure for your application.

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  4. How do I install my interior rear view mirror?

    Locate the desired location in your cab (typically somewhere above the windshield in a convenient location that does not obstruct your forward view) and then drill two 3/8 in. holes 1-3/4 in. apart; using the supplied bracket as a template. The mirror kit comes complete with all the necessary installation hardware.

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  5. How do I wire the pantograph wiper to my Sims cab?

    See attached document (link below)

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  1. How long does it take to ship?

    It usually takes from two (2) to five (5) business days to ship one of our cabs to you, depending on your location.

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  2. What is the overall mounted height of the cab?

    The overall mounted height can vary greatly with different cabs and tractors.

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  3. What is the shipping weight of the cab?

    The weight of our cabs vary greatly. The shipping weight of most of our cabs can be found in our Sims Price List. Please click either of the following links to find out the weight of your Sims cab.

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Legal Docs
Payment Info
  1. Where do I send payment?

    Customers paying by check via regular mail, may remit payments to:

    PO BOX 340
    200 Moulinette Rd.
    Long Sault, ON CANADA
    K0C 1P0


    Customers paying by check via overnight courier, may remit payments to:

    200 Moulinette Rd.
    Long Sault, ON CANADA
    K0C 1P0

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  2. Why does my credit card statement have a "Foreign Transaction Fee"?

    Sims Cab Depot invoices U.S. customers in U.S. dollars (not Canadian dollars), through our U.S. dollar Merchant Account. Some U.S. credit card service companies charge their customers (you) a "Foreign Transaction Fee" when transacting business with a company residing outside the U.S.A. However, MOST U.S. credit card service companies DO NOT CHARGE this fee. This fee is not charged by Sims Cab Depot, nor our Credit Account Service provider. This fee is charged by YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY. Sims Cab Depot has no control over this fee.

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Customer Service
  1. What is our accessibility policy?

    See the attached document below

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