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Images and optional accessories are shown here for example only and may not accurately represent the actual tractor model and/or available cab accessories. Cab photo displayed above may include optional accessories which are available at extra cost. Cab designs are subject to change without notice.

Product Details

Price: $1215.00 USD
Details: Door Kit with Safety Glass, CS 435-465, 75-95XT SeriesII
Part Number: 1001-1805S
Stock Status: In Stock
Total: $1215.00

Product Description

SERVICE Door kits are complete REPLACEMENT doors for previously existing Sims skid steer door assemblies. These kits DO NOT INCLUDE headers, hinge posts, latch posts, or other components originally supplied with the complete door assembly. This door kit DOES NOT FIT OEM or non-Sims enclosures.

These door kits INCLUDE the glass, seals, wiper motor, blade, arm (Only if supplied on the original door assembly also), and latch hardware normally assembled to the door (not the frame or latch post hardware).

Please refer to the Door Assembly if you have not had a Sims enclosure on your unit previously, or if your mounting frame (hinge or latch posts, etc.) are damaged beyond use.

Special Fit-up Notes: Serial number of your old Sims door is required to ensure the correct service door kit is selected.


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